Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Briton's EHR System - IT and Politics

Briton has been trying to create a single network that would allow NHS staff across England to access any patients’ details. A new report, however, says this will not happen now and the country has been left with a “patchwork” of costly and fragmented IT systems.

Critics claim that creating a single system was always a “massive risk” especially as clinicians were not asked for suggestions on its operation.

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I found the comment there that includes the following:

"One of the most basic mistakes in the public sector is to assign "IT experts" to these types of projects. That, however, is not what is needed at all - we, as suppliers and designers, have all the IT expertise required. What we need on the customer side is somebody who can write and develop correct specifications - what exactly is required, and how is it supposed to work? Specifically, we don't need young ambitious people that want to jump start a career but don't understand the KISS principle..."

I encourage the reading of the comments following the article cited in the link above.