Tuesday, October 13, 2009

From Star Schema Ontologies Stored in an RDBMS (e.g., i2b2) to Other Ontology Stores and The Semantic Web

Recent posts here have discussed ontologies saved in relational databases (see, for example, my September 11 and 24 posts); while other posts have been about different kinds of ontology stores and the Semantic Web (see, for example, my September 27 and 6 as well as my October 11 posts). If one reads only this blog, one might think that there is no work to exploit the advantages of both approaches in a single system afoot. But, there are. A number of investigators are looking into applications that support connections to both a variety of RDBMS schemas and other forms of ontology management.

What if i2b2 built Semantic Web graphs instead of relational stores? What if it had an OWL-defined Ontology, instead of a relational-schema? Click here.

Semantic Web will be part of i2b2 and will allow it to correlate unique variable names across consortium sites (e.g., white, Caucasian) and for information retrieval. Click here

From Stanford ( Russ Altman et al ) on the west coast to Harvard ( Isaac Kohane et al ) on the east coast in the U.S. Click here.

Ontology Systems. Click here.

i2b2. Click here.

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