Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mapping Ontologies - Tools, a Suite, and an Application

Before continuing, I want to devote a little space to fleshing out the subject of Mapping Ontologies, which I have alluded to in a couple of earlier posts. Mapping is a process in which we first try to find similarity between individual elements of two ontologies. We compare the elements on the basis of their names and attributes.

Using Protégé

Note: Protégé (see my August 24 post below) is probably the most popular ontology editor available.

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Using NeOn Toolkit

Note: The Watson plug-in to the NeOn Toolkit (see my September 27 post below) allows the user to select entities of the currently edited ontology and to automatically trigger queries to a remote ontology.

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A proposed Web app that addresses a real-world situation with the help of ontology mapping, probabilities, and Jena - a Semantic Web framework for Java.

When incorporating data semantics into the searching process, the correctness of searching can depend directly on mapping results.

Keywords: Protégé, OWL, Jena, Probability

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A Comprehensive Suite of Tools

A presentation by the former lead developer of Protégé-OWL

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