Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chromebook and The Google Chrome OS

Most of the IT professionals I know scoff or snicker when I bring up the topic of Google Chrome
OS. But, just as IT pros used to roundly dismiss the idea of cloud computing — and many of them are now climbing over each other to tout their cloud and virtualization expertise — it might not be long before IT also warms up to Chrome OS, out of necessity.

Over a three-year rental period, a business would pay $1008 for a Chromebook, plus another $150 for Google Apps. That’s roughly about the same cost most businesses would pay Microsoft for a seat of Windows, Microsoft Office, and a CAL for Microsoft servers (as part of an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft). However, with the Google deal, the company also gets desktop hardware and it can eliminate or at least greatly reduce most of the expensive server hardware and backend Microsoft software. For many businesses, that kind of equation would be very lucrative and way too tempting to ignore.

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