Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Using The jQuery Mobile Framework - Write Once, Publish Anywhere

As described in earlier posts, the emphasis in Dreamweaver CS5.5 is firmly on mobile development and designing for multiple screens. A big part of this capability comes from its inclusion of jQuery Mobile, a sophisticated JavaScript and CSS framework designed to work consistently in all major mobile platforms.

•Apple iPhone/iPod Touch
•Google Android
•RIM BlackBerry/Playbook OS
•Nokia Symbian (retired, but still with over 1 billion users worldwide)
•HP/Palm WebOS
•Microsoft Window Phone 7

Built upon the popular jQuery JavaScript framework, jQuery Mobile lets Web designers and developers build mobile application interfaces quickly and consistently. Dreamweaver CS5.5's jQuery’s mobile strategy can be summarized simply: Delivering top-of-the-line JavaScript in a unified User Interface that works across the most-used smartphone web browsers and tablet form factors.

Click here for an introduction to jQuery from Adobe.

Click here for an introduction to jQuery Mobile from Adobe.

Click here for the jQuery Project site

Click here for the jQuery Mobile Project site