Monday, September 19, 2011

Webkit-Based Development Revisited

I've made references to Webkit-based technologies in prior posts to this blog and in some early articles. For example,

Click here (2011) and here (2008).

I've also been referring to HTML5 of late. For example,

Click here and here

And way back, I've referred to A/B testing. For example,

Click here (2009)

For a presentation from NetFlix that pulls together these and other related topics,

Click here. The download of this 7 MB pdf file may take awhile if you have a slow connection.

Comment: While you may not be working on a project exactly like the one the authors discuss, you may find its information interesting nonetheless. I did.

As the default browser for both iPhone and Android, WebKit has become a major player in the mobile arena, offering a wider array of HTML5 and CSS3 support than any other major engine. For a soon-to-be-available book, see

This book gets you started with WebKit and shows you how to maximize HTML5 and CSS3 features in WebKit, and it addresses ways to optimize your web site for mobile devices and enhance the mobile user experience.